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Name:Madr ☾ (Vincent Mateo Braith)

B a l v e r i n e

L i f e & D e a t h

"If you don't buy my goods, balverines will eat your children... No, really, I've seen it happen!"
- Bowerstone Merchant

"The world outside these marvellous walls is a corrupt, rotting husk. Reason is absent. Instead of order, there is only chaos. Chaos does not punish evil nor reward righteousness. Chaos cuts innocent lives short and we're to accept this as fate."
- Lord Lucien

""But you, too, wish for the black void... you tire of your travels, your burdens, the cries of the helpless, the cries of your dead. You too will be swallowed."
- The Crawler
H e r o

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Original Character based from the Fable series of video games.

Down by the reeds
Down by the reeds
Swim the sirens of Oakvale
Out to the seas.

Down by the reeds
Down by the reeds
Float the souls left unbroken
by White Balverines

Down by the reeds
Night-blooming weeds
Embrace those who go dancing,
In sad moonlit dreams.

Down by the reeds
A twisted path leads
To Banshees who breathe out
A cold winter breeze.

Nobody knows.
Nobody sees.
The sirens of Oakvale.
Down by the reeds.

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alternate universe, archon, archons, au, balverines, fable, fable 2, fable 3, fable ii, fable iii, fable: the lost chapters, fighting, hero of bowerstone, hero of brightwall, hero of oakvale, heroes, howling, hunting, immortality, jack of blades, king of albion, magic, monsters, moon, moonlight, oc, original character, queen of albion, skill, strength, the lost chapters, theresa, transformations, transforming, video games, will, xbox, xbox 360
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